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Bee Removal Services in Eastlake, Palm Harbor, & Dunedin, FL

  • Our ecosystem depends on bees, but they can be a nuisance when they try to take over your home or business. When possible, we will always try our best to remove the hive without killing the bees. We do have feral bees in the Palm Harbor & Tampa Bay area, which can also be Africanized, and do require extra caution. Though difficult at times, live bee removal is the environmentally friendly way to remove bees.
  • During the bee removal process, we may need to remove siding and soffit material to access the bee colony to remove honeycombs. The good news is that once this part of the job is complete, we apply the appropriate products to prevent the return of bees, wasps, and yellow jackets for the future. Because we also incorporate exclusion work into our bee removal services, we can ensure that a colony won't try to reestablish itself in the same area again. We can also put everything back the way it was, if not better.

Honey bees will make their bee hives in the soffit of roofs and can be dangerous to passersby. Bees will also become a hazard to the structure of the building if they are not removed. Bee hives can grow by up to a pound per day and the bees themselves can mine through wood beams. If you find a bee hive in your house, do not attempt to spray the bees or remove the bee hive yourself. Contact our exterminators inĀ Eastlake, Palm Harbor, & Dunedin, FL to do the job for you. Bees can be dangerous and it is best to leave it to a certified professional. We have removed many bees in Tampa Bay area and will be happy to help with your bee problem today. We are licensed and insured to remove bees safely and efficiently; we also have a one year guarantee on all of our clean outs.

Florida Natural Pests does all of the bee removals for the city of St. Petersburg